Saturday, April 28, 2012

Update post..finally

To catch everyone up here are our stats...

LID 11/16/2011
LOA 3-27/2012
I800 4-18-2012
PDF 4-25-20012
Art 5 dropped off 4-27

So that should catch everyone up.  It hit me yesterday that if someone came into our home they would never guess that a boy was joining our family in a few weeks.  His rooms is not ready, his clothes are in totes, and there is not one thing that lends itself to packing for a trip to China!  Neck muscles tightening up..just after typing that. But.....  I  remind myself that love makes a family. Yes, all those things will be taken care of before Lincoln comes home but either way our son is joining our family.  He is coming and house ready or not.  The love of a family is here.  A Mom, Dad, 3 crazy fun sisters and a enough family and friends that will love him to make up for a room that may be a little lacking.  Our family will be complete this summer!  I CANNOT WAIT!